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Welcome to CrocoTools. We provide bioinformatics webservers and standalone software to analyze the sequence, structure, and function of the molecules of life. We are committed to providing high-quality, user-friendly, computationally efficient bioinformatics tools, taking upon ourselves the challenge of making scientific software accessible to our peers across various fields of life and medical sciences. We hope you enjoy using CrocoTools in your research. If you do not find a suitable CrocoTool or would like to turn your scripts into a CrocoTool, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the CrocoTools currently available or if you’d like to turn your scripts into a CrocoTool, to support the development of new CrocoTools, or to become part of the CrocoTeam, please get in touch.

If you own or manage a bioinformatics platform, sequence database, or set of bioinformatics scripts and feel that one or more CrocoTools could be integrated with your platform, we’d love to hear from you.

  • To you, this would mean expanding the functionality provided by your platform and/or improving the efficiency of your current services.
  • To your users, this would mean having access to new services, obtaining results faster, and/or having a more enjoyable experience using your platform.
Such advantages would come at no cost to you or your users. If you feel that your platform or your users may benefit from such enhancements, we could arrange to have our CrocoTeam visit your institute to present the CrocoTools in detail and discuss potential collaborations. Please let us know at your earliest convenience.

Ravi José Tristão Ramos. The Crocodile. Technical questions.
Ing. Mgr. Crina-Maria Ionescu, Ph.D. The Monster. All other questions.

We receive snail mail addressed to any member of the CrocoTeam at:

Building A4, University Campus
Kamenice 5, 625 00 Brno-Bohunice
Czech Republic